The Great Outdoors Family Campground LLC

1. Seasonal sites are for camping only and are open approximately April 15th to October 15th, or until notified otherwise. (An attendant will be at the campground full time from April 15th to October 15. Water will only be turned on in the park area after all chances of frost are over. Water will be available at the bathhouse.

2. A seasonal site is for one camping unit, or one family living in one house under one roof. Married children and their family are considered a separate family and will be considered a guest if visiting with you. (An easy way to determine this: check address on I.D….as long as it is the same address- then that is your immediate family.) If you permit your married child and their family to use your camper for a weekend or a week of vacation we will collect a regular camping fee for the period of time they are in the campground without you. Example one day, one week, one month, etc….

3. Register all names and vehicles with us. Photo I.D. is required for all registered guests. A copy of your camper’s title or registration card is required showing ownership, IN and make of camper. No more than 2 cars per site.

4. Please advise all your visitors that they are to stop at the office to register and receive a visitor pass. There should not be any vehicles on the grounds without a day pass or seasonal pass. Remember, you are responsible for the conduct of your guests.

5. Your site must be kept neat and clean. Grass is to be kept mowed; garbage is to be picked up etc… If you have a pet, you must clean up after them or you will be asked to remove them from the campground and they will not be permitted back. All pets must be kept on a leash. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. If your site is not kept neat and clean, you may be asked to remove your camper from the grounds. Help make this campground beautiful for everyone.

6. Non-metered electric sites are not permitted to have outside refrigerators. You are not permitted to cut brush or trees without owner of campgrounds permission.

7. Room additions are not permitted and all outside sheds must be approved by the park management. No fences or gates will be allowed at your site. All units must be able to be pulled out at any time and cannot be made a permanent structure. There will be no living the entire year in your unit.

8. Sewers and drains-if you use a flexible hose instead of a solid pipe, a rubber donut is required to help prevent sewer odors.

9. Golf carts- must be driven by an adult with a current driver’s license, it must have liability insurance and used with care. All golf carts must remain on the road-ways and cannot be used as a toy by children. Absolutely no child is permitted to drive a golf cart.

10. Sites having an electric meter will receive a monthly invoice for the electric that is used. Please stop at the office to make payment. An accumulated high bill will result in your electric being shut off.

11. A notice will be posted when the last trash pickup will be made for the season (Approx. Oct 20th). The dumpsters are only for the campers use while camping with us, and are not to be used to bring garbage from elsewhere. After the last pick up the dumpster are not to be used until the next camping season.

12. All trash such as refrigerators, water tanks, awnings, golf carts, etc… must be removed from the campground by each responsible camper and cannot be placed in the campground or on adjoining property. These items must not be placed in the dumpster.

13. If you take a site for the season, the seasonal fee is due, whether you use the site one month or for the full season. If you leave before the season is over, and you took the site for the season, you will still be responsible for the whole seasonal fee. If you sell your unit and do not put another unit on the site you relinquish the site and we may use it as we please. Sites are available to be rented by the day, week or month.

14. Seasonal sites are NOT transferable. If you sell your unit and you no longer want the site, but the new owners wish to stay, they must check at the office prior to the transaction. The site does not go with the sold unit. We have a list of campers waiting for permanent sites and they should have first choice. The unit sold may be required to move to another site at this time. Fees will then be based the monthly rates. Your seasonal fee cannot be passes on to the new owner.

15. If a camper moves to another site or if it leaves the campground and there is a deck, the deck (along with all items), must be moved within 5 days of the move- or the deck and all items will become the property of the campground.

16. Any rent or electric, or any amount due the campground must be paid in full before a camper can be removed.

17. Advise management before placing a FOR SALE sign on your camper or before you advertise it. Leave a contact number where you can be reached.

18. During the winter months, seasonal campers may leave their units at the campground as their own risk, at no charge, providing they camp with us the next season. We do drive thru when we’re in the area but, but there are no attendants on duty during this time. If campers are pulled out in the spring, there is a $50.00 charge for storage.

19. Owners should deliver and pickup property during the business hours posted. If you decide to pull your unit out during the off season, please advise us prior to doing so- this is for your protection.

20. We are here for any questions or concerns you may have, we want this to be a mutual happy relationship and wish all of our campers a HAPPY CAMPING SEASON.